In the beginning was the vibe of Reggae music.

This is the foundation of Kunterbunt Soundsystem!

The traditional soundsystem was founded by Bredda Bibbs and Culturegreen in 2002. Through the years we build up heavy speakers and we love to play live-sessions with singers, musicians & special effects. Our intention is to bring real Reggae in an authentic way into the Dancehall.

We're playing our six-way soundsystem like an instrument. Its tone & control reveals our personal note. We like to play it in a full effect!! Original vinyl from the early Roots Rockers to the latest and greatest Dub-Steppers & Modern Reggae blows all negativities away! Heavy ground shaking basslines, kicking heartbeats and clearly highs carry the pure feeling of an original soundsystem and make a dance to a full body experience!

Itīs important for us to make the people feel the vibe in the music. We entertain the massive with conscious & righteous music, NO gun lyrics and NO slackness. We form our dance with unity and love where all tribes are welcome! And when the crowd can feel free and sheltered happiness will come all over the area to set the people in a jumping and skanking mood!!


Run come forward check up I&I session and dance!!!.




Kunterbunt Soundsysten Interviewed by The House Of Reggae.. Click Here!!

A full history from the ealy steps to nowadays will be coming soon !!

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